How to use your airport lounge time?

How to use your airport lounge time?

Today I’m flying out of Amsterdam for business once again and I was wondering how to spend my time in the airport best. When traveling for work 15 to 20 times per year the amount of time spent in the waiting lounge starts to be a substantial one. Easy would be to hide in my phone but there must be better ways to kill the time. The most expected activity people would think of on a business trip is to work; read and answer emails or work through that document that’s you’re expected to read for a while. Exciting?

So here is my top 3:

1. Make that phone call that’s on your list for a while. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a business call, it can just be your mom ?.

2. Meet new people. Just like you there are other people sitting in the terminal who, let’s face it, can be very interesting to talk to.

3. Shop! Different airports have different shops and although it’s an expensive hobby I assure you that the waiting is more pleasant browsing through shops you don’t know. And to bring a gift for the person waiting for you at the other side of the flight will be appreciated. I’m curious how you spend your time? Maybe you’re sitting at the airport yourself while reading this so you have plenty of time to write me ?.

Bon voyage!