Should our door always be open?

Who hasn’t worked for a manager telling us; ‘Just know that my door is always open!’ The issue with such promises is that we today not only have an office door but also a digital door.

Available all day

Employees expect their bosses to be available all day via email and telephone just as much as their door was always open. The consequence is that nowadays leaders are often spending the majority of their time on solving problems of others and not on being a leader.

Being busy all day doesn’t make us more productive or successful.

Try to remember the last time you had an afternoon without meetings and people around asking for attention. When was the last time you were able to spend time on analyzing, thinking, reading and writing down thoughts on for instance the strategy for the coming period? I’m sure you need to go to your outlook calendar to check. If you look at the picture below and you recognize yourself, it’s about time to start working with a coach to regain control over your time.

My name is Inga d’Haens and I’m an executive coach.