Can you create success, or is it a matter of luck?

Can you create success, or is it a matter of luck?

For many of us creating success seems only possible for the happy few. But how do you create success, is there a magic formula? There are many ways of betting on success. Do you bet on one horse or divide your odds, keeping in account that the result might not be so high as when you bet on one?

UEFA Champions League

This month our football team AFC Ajax is playing very important matches, like tomorrow; the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League. And although it seems that Ajax is betting on multiple horses (Dutch League, National Cup and European Cup) they are actually betting on one; winning.

Money can’t buy success

Making a team successful needs talent and – let’s face it – money. But money can’t buy success, we have examples about that in football. I believe that next to talent and money there are more aspects that can lead to success. Jim Collins taught us that focus x faith x effort = success.

Ask yourself the following questions scoring yourself in a %;

  • How much did I focus on my goal today;
  • How much faith do I have in reaching my goal and;
  • How much effort did I put in?

You’ll quickly learn that it needs up to 98% on each level to keep your goal in sight.

Good luck and hup AJAX! ❌❌❌