Change starts with you

Driving home a suffocating feeling comes over me while thinking of the past week. During the meetings at work everything looks like we work as a team and we agree on the decisions we take together. Just when we start with the new way of working it appears that most of my employees prefers to go back to their own old way of working. 

I’m breaking my head on it, where did we not agree? How can we move on keeping everybody happy and motivated but to keep our goals in sight? If you keep doing what you do and expect that others will change nothing is going to happen.

I’m considering going back to my office, perhaps if I work a few more hours than the answers will come, and I will not have to start the new day with yesterday’s issues. I decide keep going because it’s already after 8 o’clock and at home my family is waiting for me. I’ll put the kids in bed and then open my computer to work again.

Ideas and thoughts are running through my mind, if only I had the time to deal with all of them. Maybe I’m not suit for being a business owner but I’m trying. Early mornings, skipping lunch and late nights – it’s my routine since I started my business.

If I only could to find a few quiet hours to sit and think where I go and what I’m trying to reach?! 

The story above describes in general the first meeting I have with my clients. It’s also the moment where their professional- and personal routine is starting to change. Everybody needs a soundboard, somebody who can listen deeper, who can help to find structure and direction when the task is big and important. 

If you recognize yourself here it’s time to act and give me a call. Let’s go for a coffee and see where we can work together and break through your ‘old way of working’.

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