In the corporate world of listed companies and banks executive coaching is already as common as mindfulness and healthy lunches. Why is it then still reasonably unknown to small business and sole proprietorship companies you would think?

The benefits of business coaching are likely most applicable to business owners and entrepreneurs. Imagine, business coaching can help to:

This all sounds great and very exciting, yet where to start. As a business owner you have limited resources at hand to start with business coaching. It can be that money is tight or that time is an issue. Both are very common limitations but they should not stand in the way of reaching your goal.

Your business coach is there to help you. During the first couple of sessions you will together determine your goal but at the same time also what kind of investment you’re willing to put in.

If the investment matches the goal you’re ready to go and trust me, you’re in good hands. The result of the business coaching will always surpass the money, or time and effort you put in.

Business coaching is all about reaching your potential, getting the maximum out of it what’s in it and finding that balance back between your work and your private life.

Sound boarding with your executive coach can also bring new creativity or ideas on how to expand the business or, how to create new opportunities.  

If the above sounds familiar or interesting to you it might be time to act and call me. Together we can see if we have synergy to bring your topic to success.

In the end – nobody ever got worse from starting with business coaching.

So, what are you waiting for – stop thinking and start acting.

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