I can help you to create success.

I have often felt lonely because I didn’t know who to talk to about obstacles on my career path. My own network of employees and co-workers were too close to me and my work and I felt a strong need to talk to someone who didn’t know either. Someone who could be open with me and tell me what I needed to hear, rather than what I wanted to hear.

In my search to find someone like that, I learned about coaching. It has made a significant difference in my career and taught me that with a little guidance, I could learn how to perform better professionally. And so can you.

I now work as an executive coach to help other businesses, entrepreneurs, managers, directors and teamleaders. I work in three directions:


What do you need?


Your professional life is getting of track. You are struggling to keep your structure and need extra eyes to identify your pitfalls.


You already have a plan but don’t know where to start and how to do it. You’re stuck and need some help.


You need to set goals and objectives for your business but don’t know where to start. What are realistic goals? And how to achieve them?


Let's meet over coffee.

Instead of telling you about me and my program, let’s talk about you and your story. After that we will discover together how I can help you as an executive coach. Let’s meet!

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Every person and every company has its own needs. Curious how I can help you? Leave a message and I will contact you soon.